Mk2 and mk1 escort bias pedal boxes complete with master cylinders or available as a bare converted box. Mk2 box complete 150 Mk1 box complete 165. These prices are based on customer supplying exchange box, please add 20 to total if no exchange. This includes brand new spherical bearing and new master cylinders of your choice. This price is for cable clutch, for hydraulic clutch add 30.
Shown below is a converted mk1 pedal box.

close up detail showing plate design, brake pedal return spring and master cylinders

Another improvement we have made is to slot the top mounting to make it easy to fit the box, you can leave the top bolt loose in the mounting on the car, slot the box in and then tighten the bolt, instead of having to juggle to bolt in afterwards.

hydraulic mk1 pedal box

water jet cut plate folded and ready for welding

all fabrication done, painted and ready for assembly, get the grease out!

pedal pivot bar is drilled and a split pin fitted for extra security

clutch cable access, makes getting the pin and retainer back on so much easier.

Mk2 bias pedal box with hydraulic clutch

Pedal box shown with detail holes in pedals, just for show.

Anglia bias pedal box - many thanks to Colin Cheeseman for help with development of this new product - i need your pedal box to convert.

all prices below are based on you sending your own pedal box for conversion, we can do outright sales, please add 20 pounds to cover cost of original box.

mk1 mexico twin cam pedal box bare - 95
mk1 cable box - 165
mk1 hydraulic box - 195
mk2 cable box - 150
mk2 hydraulic box - 180
anglia box - 280
drop line kit - 22.50 per line

The latest addition to our range is the anglia bias adjustable pedal box, we need your pedal box in exchange and turnaround is about 2 weeks.