Some photos of our current cars and projects underway at the moment, send us your pictures and we will publish them on our site -
My Super nearly finished, minilites being refurbed and a final coat of paint nearly ready to go on

My brothers 1300 auto, standard engine and box for now, bilsteins, lowered perfectly on 7" superlites.

my latest car, mk2 cortina automatic super estate, already converted to rack and pinion steering, new 1700 engine, 5 speed box and a stereo!##

Peter Merritt's Capri Project, getting treated to a 2.1 pinto on 45s, 5 speed box, 2.8 suspension and a rear disc conversion!

Alan Keogh's project van, 2.1 pinto on Bogg Brothers carb set up, anglia rear axle and of course a rear disc conversion - looking really sharp, giving me ideas here!

Customer cars, fitted with arrowautoengineering components, could be pedal box, could be disc conversion, could be lsd diff, could be anything, as long as everyone is happy!!!

gorgeous mk1 capri fitted with overhauled english diff

Big project this one! ive only got to sort the diff on this one.

Barry Connolly's competition car, lsd rebuild, back in action!

My mk1 1968 1300 super, converted to zetec engine on full engine management, t5 cosworth gearbox, bilsteins all round, wilwood 4 pots, tran-x lsd, completely standard interior and exterior apart from wheels

two mk2s been for a cruise

all lined up with an japanese intruder!

some of my favourite cars from santa pod 2007

Engine bays - which one do you want?

some more of my favourite cars!