We do full four link conversions, large tunnels fitted, bulkhead strengthening, all restoration bodywork, full custom design, basically whatever you can think of.
Group 4 tunnel fitted to mk2 escort, finished with custom made lever shroud and strengthening flitches. This car has been fitted with full four link system, round turrets, large diff and trans tunnel, bulkhead plates, double skinned top plates, bulkhead gussets, weld in tank mount, firewall and strut brace mounts.

we carry out all welding from full competition cars to a wing and a sill.

type 49 strut top plates being fitted to a customers car, note the extra spot welds where a weld on strut brace will be fitted later, this is so the brackets are fastened right through to the original strut top and not just welded to the new plate, where it could flex and not really do any good, this way it is welded all the way through.
Finished strut top strengthening with strut brace brackets welded, absolutely solid.