Rear disc conversions for escort capri anglia cortina
Rear disc conversions for english and atlas axles.

All our kits feature fully reconditioned calipers, any pitted pistons are replaced, new seal kits are fitted and the handbrake mechanism is fully overhauled.

cosworth 273mm size disc conversion on capri atlas axle.

As an alternative to sierra calipers we can offer all aluminium calipers.  Really designed for 14" rims or bigger although some of the 13" rims with big offset and over 7" wide may fit, still testing and will add a list of any that clear, this kit is a direct swap for your drums and doesnt require any kind of bias device to be fitted, the piston size is perfect for use with m16 and ap 4 pots, or any other front caliper with a similar piston area. eg wilwood 4 pots with 38.1 pistons.

Under development at the moment is a rear disc conversion where space is really at a minimum, for example lotus steels and some versions of the rs 13" alloy. This kit moves the caliper in 10mm when compared with the 240mm kit. Picture shows comparison in disc size with 240mm disc

New design bolt on bracket detail for english axle kit - escort cortina anglia

capri axle bracket. this is the bracket for the 253mm standard sierra disc, also available 240mm brackets for 13" wheels and 273mm bracket for cosworth size conversion.

Axle spacer plates to take up the space left between the halfshaft retaining plate and axle when drums are removed for rear disc conversion

Handbrake cable adaptor detail

handbrake cable to handbrake adaptor detail and extended wheel studs.

English 13" weld on kit 230
Kit minus calipers 130

English escort 13" bolt on kit 250
Kit minus calipers 150

English anglia 13" bolt on kit 250
Kit minus calipers 150

English 15" bolt on kit 295
Kit minus calipers 195

English alloy caliper bolt on kit 260
Only fits escort english and 14"
wheels or bigger

Atlas 13" bolt on kit 250
Kit minus calipers 150

Atlas 15" bolt on kit 295
Kit minus calipers 195

Axle brackets escort and capri 45pr
Axle brackets anglia 55pr
Axle spacers 15pr
Cable adaptor 7