FORD ENGLISH TIMKIN DIFFERENTIAL DIFF REBUILD SERVICE. THESE DIFFS WERE FITTED TO MANY FORD MODELS SUCH AS ESCORT, ANGLIA, CAPRI, CORTINA, CORSAIR,CAPRI AND HAVE FOUND THEIR WAY INTO MANY KITCAR AND LOCOST BUILDS, ASWELL AS BEING FOUND IN LOTUS ELANS. We can now offer rebuild and set ups on ford english and atlas differentials. Fully rebuilt to ford spec with all the proper tools, proper bearing preload and backlash set. We can recondition your diff, fit an lsd and set it up to whatever spec you need. All diffs are built by ford trained mechanic with 40 years experience. We can also shorten casings and halfshafts. 2 piece halfshafts, shortened 1 piece shafts, atbs, plate type diffs, ramp angles and preload set to your needs.
We can offer QUAIFE ATB, 3J DRIVELINE plate diffs, zf capri rebuilds, fully atlas rebuilds to any spec of tube and shaft. 2 piece shafts, axle shortening/strengthening.

Picture 1 shows a 3.89 fully built with plate type lsd, 45/45 ramp angles and 30ft/lbs plate preload.

Picture 2 shows a 3.54 full rebuild, you can see the engineers blue on the internals, correct tooth contact patch checked and set.

Picture 3 shows the options for halfshafts that are available for english and atlas axles, left to right are 22 tooth standard english, 16 tooth standard atlas and 18 tooth group 1 2 piece atlas shafts, although we have fitted these two piece shafts to english axles.

Picture 4 shows the guages required to properly preload the bearings and check for correct backlash, no differential will be sent back to a
customer out of tolerance. Even backlash that is not consistent around the crown wheel must be carefully considered.

tran-x salisbury plate diff, ready to be built into a 4.1 for some drag racing abuse!

4.44 and 3.54 pinions, quite a size difference!

Oops! National hot rod+big power+chassis trauma=

Very expensive english diff build, new alloy casing, new quaife atb, new crownwheel and pinion set, new prop flange, new bearings, getting on for 1500 notes!!!!! ouch!

somebody fancies going skiddy skids!

gaskets on, ready to be sent home again.

destined for a mk1 escort rs2000, lovely.

removing the pinion bearing to fit a new shim, part of the accurate meshing process

measuring the pinion shim, each one is fractionally bigger or smaller and can only be measured accurately with a micrometer

the finished item!