We can offer capri atlas axle rebuilds. This can involve axle case shortening, halfshaft shortening, 2 piece halfshafts, lsd fitment and so on.
typical lsd and cwp full build.

Axle components ready for assembly.

2 piece group 1 18t halfshafts.

Capri zf motorsport spec ramp block and squared off cross pins

18t side gears

fully floating stub axles welded ready for build up

pigs head and tube being tapped ready for "double pinning"

fully floating bearings

caliper bracket modified for fitment

tack welded


dirty little monkey!

all cleaned up again! new thrust washers and plate kit fitted

back together again, good as new.

crown wheel fitted, new bolts torqued down and marked

side bearings fitted - lets hope the shims are right first time!!!

its in!!! now for the mesh check and preload setting.


braced, mooned, covered, ready!

fully floating 4.6 tran-x baby width build, watts cover, multi position turret brackets, 4 link and panhard brackets.

multi position turret brackets, these allow the fine tuning of the damper/coilover position, hardly any turret top centres are the same from car to car so these let you pick the best position to clear the body and wheels.

another fully floating axle, brakes are to be fitted by customer. these fully floating hubs can be fitted with either group 4 or group 1 types wheel studs

a guy sent me this picture of the mesh of his axle, pretty good i'd say, thats what you would want to see.

zf machined to take 18t side gears, a 16t tran-x and an 18t 3J DRIVLINE, very nice!

3J DRIVELINEs latest atlas lsd, love it.