We can do many different machining and engineering jobs for your classic ford, see below for some examples of our work
Capri hubs machined to accept discs on the outside as per modern design. We take the outside diameter down so the discs fit over, machine off the existing disc mounts as they foul the new mounting bolts for the new calipers. Finally we extend the wheel locating stub so that it still reaches the wheel through the new disc.

Coilover conversions to capri/escort struts

mk2 small hole rs type strut top plates machined out to suit large hole strut top replacement panels, these were machined off centre to retain the chassis numbers already stamped on. Thanks to Darren Jones for the project - good luck with the rest of it and get that pedal box fitted soon!

Ford crossflow inlet manifold plate. we can supply any size and shape of plate cut to suit your project, usually we can use a cardboard template and work from that. Blanking plates, manifold plates, brackets, whatever you need.