Why bother with noisy straight cut gears to get a decent set of ratios? And with the new type 9 exchange gearkits offering a nice range of ratios but still with the inherent weakness of the type 9, we have converted cosworth t5 gearbox to bolt directly to Crossflow, Pinto, Zetec and so on.
The problem is not getting the gearbox to fit onto the engine as the T5 uses the same bolt pattern, the problem is getting the starter to mate with the ring gear as the cosworth flywheel is bigger than crossflow, pinto, zetec etc, so the starter is positioned too far away when bolted up.

We are offering modified bellhousings on an exchange basis. This positions the starter as it would be on standard/rs2000 bellhousing, so no need to change anything. You get a super strong gearbox with perfect fast road gear ratios, a nice long 2.98 first, like the old 2000e box but way stronger and with 5 speeds.

Price is 40 for the converted bellhousing.